Tax-Deferred (1031 & 1033) Exchanges

For more than 20 years, Hirschler Fleischer has been a leader in the area of Section 1031 exchanges (also called like-kind, deferred, or Starker) exchanges. Hirschler Fleischer has represented clients in exchanges totaling into the billions of dollars. Our attorneys regularly represent taxpayers and qualified intermediaries in all aspects of 1031 exchanges, including:

  • Advising clients of the requirements of successfully completing an exchange.
  • Structuring exchanges to ensure compliance with federal and state law.
  • Representing dispositions and acquisitions of relinquished and replacement properties.

We have extensive experience in both personal property exchanges and real estate exchanges, and have structured everything from simple simultaneous and deferred exchanges to complex reverse, and reverse build-to-suit, exchanges. Our experience allows us to close exchanges promptly, and to find creative solutions for qualifying non-standard transactions for tax-deferred treatment