Product Liability Defense

Technical knowledge and trial experience define our Product Liability Defense Practice. While many products liability claims will resolve early in the litigation process, we have the resources and experience to take matters to verdict when a client must defend its reputation in the public arena or can’t reach a satisfactory outcome through negotiation. Our team has taken dozens of matters to judges and juries, including product liability and catastrophic injury cases where the testimony of technical or medical experts is critical. Our multijurisdictional experience with juries in state and federal courts, as well as our use of strategic tools such as mock trials and focus groups, helps us provide thorough litigation strategy.

Our team always focuses on an early claim mitigation strategy, including disqualification of plaintiffs’ expert witnesses and summary judgment or resolution through other means of dismissal. While equipment manufacturers often are the first litigation target in incidents involving workplace injuries, investigations by our attorneys find that improper use of machinery, failure to heed warnings, after-market modifications, operator negligence, and improper inspection and maintenance often are the real causes of accidents. Early investigation of accidents and a review of expert testimony and the circumstances surrounding an accident often results in dismissal or summary judgment before litigation expenses mount.

We also have experience in representing clients in the government and regulatory investigations that often accompany the incidents that prompt product liability lawsuits, which allows clients the efficiency of having one team manage all the legal work connected to a matter.

Our team is led by an attorney who has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and who has been a licensed Professional Engineer for more than 30 years. Before entering the law, he worked as a consulting engineer at an architecture and engineering firm later acquired by the world’s largest A&E concern. This familiarity with engineering professionals and technical processes greatly enhances our team’s ability to understand the concerns of clients that manufacture machinery and other products that depend on engineering and design knowledge.

For example, we are fluent in the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) standards and best practices in the manufacturing and engineering fields. 

Other team members have extensive experience in catastrophic injury matters, including traumatic brain injury (TBI) and legal and medical issues that often arise in cases involving machinery, heavy equipment and construction-related accidents. Managing the lawsuits and investigations in these cases has given our team deep experience in cross-examining plaintiffs’ technical, scientific and medical expert witnesses, as well as in selecting appropriate witnesses to advance clients’ defenses. Our broad trial experience has made us adept at distilling technical issues into lay terms so judges and lay juries can understand the underlying technical issues in a claim.

Our Products Liability Defense team is supported by our general Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution practice, which regularly has lawyers in courtrooms across the mid-Atlantic and the nation.  Our larger team of litigators provides us with the ability to respond immediately when a case has urgency, and our clients also benefit from their many years of collective experience and knowledge in all areas that affect businesses. In all litigation matters, the litigation practice delivers value to clients.