Family Law, Divorce & Related Litigation

Our Family Law Group is comprised of experienced trial attorneys, Mahlon G. "Bud" Funk, Jr. and Jacqueline C. Hedblom, who represent clients dealing with the difficult and, life-altering issues surrounding matters of separation, divorce, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support.

We understand the stress and emotional turmoil that accompany changing domestic situations, and we approach each unique client situation with an appropriate balance between supportive, compassionate counsel and the development of goal-focused legal strategies. We will answer your questions and guide you along the most efficient and effective path to resolving your case. We are also mindful of the broader concerns and will guide you in establishing a firm foundation for your evolving life situation. We will diligently pursue your best interests, and we recognize that some matters are best resolved with negotiation or mediation, while others require aggressive litigation. Beginning with our initial consultation and continuing through the post-litigation process, you can expect to receive sound, practical legal advice and personal attention that will ensure a favorable outcome; advice that is innovatively and thoughtfully crafted to meet, and even exceed, your emotional, financial and familial objectives.

Our family law team welcomes the opportunity to represent clients facing a variety of domestic situations. Bud Funk has extensive experience with, among other things, complex divorces involving high net worth individuals. He is uniquely qualified to address the comprehensive valuation of businesses and of substantial personal assets. Jacqueline Hedblom is well versed in the intricacies surrounding third-party custody petitions, and enjoys a high rate of success when representing clients, including grandparents, seeking non-traditional custody arrangements in cases where the biological parent is either unable or unfit to care for their child(ren). Both attorneys have experience with the myriad issues arising in the context of separation, divorce and custody matters.

Our combined experience and skills, and our dedicated practice group, are proven assets to clients in dealing with difficult divorce, support, and custody matters, and we take tremendous pride in the results we obtain for our clients. We look forward to talking with you and to having the opportunity, pleasure and responsibility of representing you.