Institutional Client Representation

Over many years, attorneys in our Real Estate Section have represented many institutional clients, including pension plans, insurance companies and publicly-held syndications, in their acquisitions, financings, operations, leasing and dispositions of commercial real estate. In the last decade, we have also represented a NYSE recreational land developer, a NYSE manufacturer of recreational products and operator of bowling centers, large publicly traded financial institutions and financial services companies, REITs and large pension fund investors in acquiring, leasing, repositioning or selling substantial commercial properties. This has tended to be a national practice, as many of these investors own property throughout the United States. We have also represented a regional grocery store chain, a major medical corporation and a wireless company in their acquisition, financing, development, leasing and disposition of property primarily for their own use.

In the past, the firm was privileged to have been the Virginia Attorney General's appointee as Special Real Estate Counsel to the Virginia Retirement System, the Commonwealth's pension fund for all state and many municipal workers, until the VRS made a policy decision to cease owning real estate directly. VRS held interests in commercial real estate worth over $1 billion. Our real estate attorneys participated in the acquisition of numerous projects, as well as the transactions by which VRS directly or indirectly acquired, held and disposed of this real estate. We have also served as Virginia counsel to the Alaska Permanent Fund in connection with certain of its Virginia real estate holdings. Our real estate lawyers are sensitive to the special accounting and tax issues of concern to such investors (such as UBTI), their unique financing opportunities as well as their desire to maintain a "low profile" of ownership, typically interposing a layer of professional investment advisors between themselves and direct ownership.

Over the past several years, we have been privileged to represent a leading financial services company in the United States in connection with its corporate real estate needs in Central and Northern Virginia, including build to suit leases, synthetic leases and the acquisition and development of a corporate office park. Our experience with large corporate users and institutional holders of real estate from "both sides of the table" has given us special insight into some of their special strategies and perspectives, their tolerance for risk, key accounting and tax issues, as well as their unique relationship to Wall Street and the availability or unavailability of capital.

We consider ourselves skilled in being able to "stay in step" with institutional clients as they pursue various opportunities, get them under contract and then close the transactions, efficiently and timely. We are prepared to staff cost-effective transactions, to maximize the value received by the client from our legal services, and to meet all time deadlines faced by the client.

We appreciate the special relationship between our Firm and general counsel for an institutional client, as well as the internal factors that drive general counsel's decisions on how to staff and proceed on a matter, and have the ability to staff those matters accordingly. We understand that the flow of information and periodic updates on the status of various matters is particularly important for institutional clients, and will adapt our internal procedures to the special administrative needs and requirements of our institutional clients.