Commercial Leasing

Our commercial leasing practice group is poised to meet the needs of any real estate professional involved in commercial leasing, whether as a landlord or tenant. Our leasing team assists clients, their brokers and other advisors in structuring lease transactions, negotiating and drafting leases and navigating the applicable provisions in the tax code which impact leases. We are regularly involved in resolving lease disputes and defaults, whether by recasting a lease, advising on legal rights arising under a lease, or enforcing rights under the lease, including recovering possession and rent and defending against recovery and collection actions.

Our commercial leasing expertise covers a wide range of leasing vehicles, including ground leases, and their unique issues involving the construction of improvements by the tenant, permitted uses, maintenance standards, insurance, casualty restoration, adjustment of rent and financing concerns. We routinely prepare form leases for our landlord clients which are designed to address the specific type of property involved -- industrial, warehouse, retail, office, etc. -- each of which has its own characteristics. Issues involving maintenance responsibilities, insurance obligations, co-tenancy, percentage rent, indemnification, environmental obligations, rights to sublet and assign, restrictions on uses, and exclusive use rights, which arise in any type of lease all have important legal and business implications. Our attorneys routinely negotiate these and other provisions to temper or avoid the unacceptable consequences which could otherwise arise.

Through years of practice concentrated on leasing issues, our attorneys bring a level of experience and sophistication which results not only in an understanding of lease negotiations, but also a knowledge and understanding of the current business environment and the breadth of business opportunities available in the current marketplace. We are able to advise our clients on the legal implications of a lease, as well as the business and economic ramifications arising from the legal issues. Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to craft creative approaches and resolutions to contested lease issues which address the needs of both the landlord and the tenant, enabling the lease transaction to move forward to a successful conclusion.